Friday, December 8, 2017

40 hadiths of Imam Al-Nawawi by Sheikh Navaid Aziz

Shykh Yasir Qadhi emphasized in a lecture to go through 40 Hadith of Imam An Nawawi followed by his Riyad Us Salehin. When looking at youtube videos I found Shykh Navaid Aziz's lectures to be very detail and well explained. So i am going through these.

In the first 2 lectures, Shykh Navaid explained a lot about the Science of Hadith. The 7 categories of Hadith in acceptable / not acceptable forms were decided based on so many different attributes of the narrators, chain, content, the timing, place and situations and their relative occurrences etc. 9 book of Hadiths with 6 of them widely accepted as Kutub Al-Sittah. I was thinking why not write a software program where we can input all those data and evaluation criteria to come up with a mathematical authenticity score instead of 7 relative levels of acceptance / rejection? But then I am afraid of Bidah (innovation in religious matters). So I will stop with just this mention here about the possibility of writing a computer program that can do based on the data gathered by past great Islamic scholars and come up with a precise ranking of 25,000 to 35,000 Sahih /Hasan hadiths and possibly all 700,000 hadiths (that include Daif/weak and fabricated ones as well). Allah knows best.

I have documented this idea at Software Program to Rank / Score Hadith Authenticity as well.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Islamophobia vs Criticism of Islam by Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

Source: Facebook post of Hamza Tzortzis

My dear brothers and sisters, please do not conflate Islamophobia with legitimate criticism of Islam. The inability to understand the difference will only make things worse. Please remember, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Our traditional and classical scholars were the first to pose challenging questions and criticisms about their own faith, yet they presented profound answers and articulated well formed arguments. If people are censored or silenced when they have a legitimate question or criticism they will seek answers from biased sources that do not represent our intellectual tradition. We can't escape the modern world. It is time to pull our intellectual sleeves up and get to work. 

A good place to start online is by visiting Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research's website, the Renovatio journal by Zaytuna College and my website (
I have spent some time upgrading most of my essays and articles, which include new writings on various topics. I will be posting more in the future God-willing. Here are few legitimate questions with the answers:

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Here are some of my favourites from Yaqeen Institute's website:

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Although the Renovatio journal is new, here is one of my favourite essays:

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I pray this has sparked something within you to start to articulate a compassionate and intelligent case for Islam. I pray we all become vessels of love, mercy, reason, tolerance and compassion.

(Note: Legitimate in this context means justified, valid and genuine. Their criticisms are wrong and unfounded but they cam still be justified, valid and genuine from the point of view that they are misinformed and lack knowledge. I hope this clarifies. ‏It is our job to educate and inform people.)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Adoption In Islam

This is a Facebook Status update from Sheykh Yasir Qadhi which can help us understand what is the Islamic view on Adoption.

Sadly, it is very common to hear the phrase 'Adoption is ḥarām in Islam'. I myself heard this countless times growing up, and continue to hear it and get asked questions about it. 

We need to be clear that this phrase is simply too ambiguous and problematic, and cannot and should not be used. What is forbidden is the ancient pre-Islamic custom of 'tabannī', where a man would claim that another man's son or daughter would henceforth be considered his own biological son or daughter. Our Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) conferred this honor on his servant Zayd b. Ḥarithah, before the coming of Islam. As Abdullah ibn `Umar said, "We never knew Zayd except as Zayd ibn Muhammad, until Allah revealed Surah al-Aḥzāb." 

In Surah al-Aḥzāb, Allah said, 'Call them by their fathers - that is justice in the eyes of Allah!' So Zayd's name was reverted back from Zayd b. Muhammad to Zayd b. Ḥarithah. 

It is ḥarām to claim that a man is the biological father of a child when that is clearly not the case. THAT is what is forbidden in Islam. As for taking a child in need, especially an orphan child, and raising it with the same love and care and concern as one's own child, not only is this not forbidden, it is in fact one of the most beloved of deeds to Allah. In the authentic Hadith, "I, and the one who takes care of an orphan, will be like this (together) in Paradise," and he intertwined between his two fingers.
An orphan child should eventually be told (once he or she is mature enough) who the biological parents are, and it should never be claimed that the orphan child is the biological child of the couple who is raising him. And there are some maḥram and inheritance issues that are raised by this as well, which can easily be resolved or worked around. 

But to claim unequivocally that 'Adoption is ḥaram' is simply wrong, since the word 'adoption' can also imply taking care of and raising a child, which is a great act of worship. 

We should refrain from using this ambiguous phrase, and also point out when we hear people say it that they should clarify what they mean

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Modernist Movement Part 1 - Jamāl Zarabozo

This is the start of an interesting series where manhy of the logics of the speaker I disagree with strongly. But still we need to know about the difference of opinions by different people - specially Muslims from different parts of the world. So caution, dont think I am supporting the speeches neither that I am protesting against it. I will protest if feel so once I have finished the full series.